Brenda’s passion is all about helping people. One of her greatest achievements was working internationally in the field of adoptions for 18 years. She organized the placement for over 1,000 orphan children from Russia, Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, Romania, China, and Guatemala.

During her tenure, Brenda was very instrumental in providing humanitarian aid to the children left behind. Brenda has seven children, five of whom are adopted.

Brenda’s youngest son “Sasha” was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia at the age of 11; he was on a first-grade educational level. Brenda was told Sasha’s chances to ever catch up would be, if possible, a challenging road ahead.

Having tried pharmaceutical medication in Sasha’s early elementary days Brenda was very reluctant to try medication again, however, at the advice of Sasha’s Pediatrician, they tried pharmaceutical medication for two years.

The side effects were horrific. Then one day her son boldly stated, “No more meds,” which ultimately changed his and Brenda’s lives. Researching alternative methods to pharmaceutical medications lead Brenda on a mission to complete her studies in natural health.

Brenda graduated from Trinity College of Natural Health with a doctorate degree in Naturopathy, Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritional Counseling, and Certified Natural Health Professional. She then furthered her education and studied at the Loomis Institute where she attained certification in enzyme nutrition and digestive health.

Brenda is a Board-Certified Drugless Practitioner and Board-Certified Alternative Health Medical Practitioner as well as the founder and owner of Authentic Health, LLC. Located in Greenville, SC.

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