Hope for Families provides first class addiction treatment for teens, adults, and families.  The counselors help teens, adults, & families break addictive patterns, often lessening the need to go into rehab.

Amber Hollingsworth is the owner, founder, and counselor at Hope for Families.

Amber grew up in a family plagued with addiction. She uses her personal experience as a family member to guide people and their families into recovery.

Here is a portion of her testimony:

“Pretty much everyone in my family has some sort of addiction problem, but for the most part, they’re an awesome family. I think this gives me a unique perspective on addicts and alcoholics. While I realize that my clients have drug and alcohol problems, I’m still able to see their positive qualities as well. In my mind, a person can have an addiction, but still be a totally awesome human being!”

Drugs or alcohol (or some other compulsive behavior) cause many problems for people and their families.  It consumes thoughts, interferes with life, damages relationships, and hampers overall happiness.  HFF specializes in getting people off drugs and alcohol. They help people regain their self-confidence, save their family, and reconnect with their life’s purpose!

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