Welcome to Still Wind Ministries, Inc.

We are glad that you have chosen us to help you through the storms of life.

Please take a few minutes to read through this welcome message, it will help you to understand how we approach our practice and answer some frequently asked questions.

We provide professional psychotherapy that is built upon a secure relationship between the counselor and client.

The following guidelines for our services are outlined below.

Counselors may have additional guidelines they will explain face to face.


Relationships between Counselor and Client is always private and professional therefore:

– We follow HIPPA privacy practices.
– We do not communicate through personal cell phone, text or email.
– If your counselor sees you in public they will not acknowledge you unless you acknowledge them.
– We meet with clients by appointment only.
– If you have a mental health emergency after hours call 911 or go to a major emergency room.   If you are an existing client and have an emergency during business hours please call your counselor and leave a detailed message on their extension.


– We do offer insurance billing for in network insurance companies to make services more accessible.   However, we are not responsible for determining how much your insurance will cover or if they refuse to cover services for any reason.
– We do no bill out of network insurance companies.
– In most cases we do not bill secondary insurance.
– In network insurance companies differ by counselor.  Ask one of our staff for information about in network insurance companies.
– If your insurance information changes you are responsible of informing your counselor of the changes.   If you do not inform about changes then you may be responsible for the costs incurred during that time.
– Payment for services is due at the time of service.
– We do not want cost to prevent someone from continuing therapy.  If cost becomes a barrier please talk to your counselor.
– We will charge $25 on returned checks
– If you need to discuss or dispute charges talk to your counselor.
– An itemized receipt is available anytime upon request.


– Follow the procedures for scheduling given by your counselor.
– It is your responsibility to reschedule cancelled appointments.
– We offer appointment reminders via text or email however this is not a method of communication with your counselor.
– If your counselor is out of town then another counselor will be available for emergency situations.
– Counselors do not overbook appointments therefore there is a $65 fee for late cancellations or no show appointments.
– Multiple no shows could lead to a referral to another service or provider

Record Requests

– All records requests require a signed written release by the client in order to be released.
– Requests will be met within 1 week.
– Talk to your counselor or fax a release to 234-1151 to make a request.