Cognitive Coaching

Cognitive CoachingSM is a… model that capitalizes upon and enhances cognitive processes. Art Costa and Bob Garmston, the founders of Cognitive CoachingSM, define it as a set of strategies, a way of thinking, and a way of working that invites self and others to shape and reshape their thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Cognitive Coaching℠ is a model that supports individuals…in becoming self-directed, and in turn, become self-managing, self-monitoring and self-modifying.

At Still Wind Ministries we have adapted this model of teaching the thought process behind learning to students.  In addition, Cognitive Coaches can provide specific strategies for specific areas of difficulty, i.e.: reading and writing.

Our Cognitive Coaches are masters level trained professionals in education or learning.  They assess and develop individual places to meet the students desired goal.  For example, increase ACT scores, GED writing prep, increase reading fluency, increase reading comprehension, overcoming obstacles in writing.