Counseling services are sponsored by Still Wind Ministries to address the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of the entire family. Services are provided by  South Carolina licensed clinical staff who are committed to fully uphold the ethical standards of their licensing board as well as practice from values of the Christian Faith.

Services include:

Abuse Therapy
• Treatment for child or adult abuse and neglect
• Play therapy for children,  using a dedicated, state-of-the-art playroom
• Certified animal-assisted therapy for children

Family Therapy & Marriage Counseling
• Divorce transition, supervised visitation
• Blended Family Transition
• Coping with chronic mental or health conditions
• Parent training, specialized for oppositional behavior problems
• Overall assessment and strengthening for family relationships
• Adoption adjustment counseling
• Family conflict resolution
• Pre-marital counseling
• Marital counseling

Management of Mental Health Disorders
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Group Therapy

Other Therapy and Counseling
• ADHD Management
• Adolescent Therapy
• Behavioral Therapy
• Emotional/Stress Management
• Grief Therapy
• Physical health and wellness counseling
• Social Skills Training

Other Services
• Licensed social work (LISW) supervision
• Client advocacy