Consultation includes an array of services that join our expertise with other professionals in a variety of settings.  As counselors and behavior scientists, we have a desire to share our knowledge and gifts with others who are also leading people toward life change.  Consulting with one of our counselors on your problem, project, or program can add depth to your ideas, improve implementation, and  enhance the outcomes.  In the words of C.S. Lewis, “Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.”

Consulting services can occur by phone or face to face sessions, small group or large group presentations, and participation at leadership gatherings.  Below is a sample of what we can offer.

Guest speaking 

Special Events

Clinical Consultation

Treating Learning Disordered Clients
Treating complicated and resistant ADHD clients

Trainings- teaching applied principles to other professionals

Foster Parent Training-Behavior Strategies for abused and neglected children
Children’s Church Leaders- Best Behavior Strategies for working with children with special needs
Children’s Church Leaders- Best Teaching Strategies for working with children with special needs
Educators and Counselors-Best Psychosocial-educational techniques for treating ADHD

Workshops- informative, interactive & applicable sessions on culturally relevant topics.

Future Family by Andy Stanley
Parenting Toward a Personal Relationship with God
How to Manage Emotions
Positive Parenting Practices
Stress Management for Professionals
How to Teach Independence
Teen Suicide Prevention – a response to “13 Reasons Why”
Understanding the science of Adolescence
What is ADHD really?
What are Executive Functions?
Parenting with Love and Logic
The top 7 Marriage Strategies- Gottman
Making marriage last in the military
Married to ADHD
Non Medication Strategies for ADHD
ADHD vs Anxiety (in collaboration with Greenville ADHD Specialists)
Effective Communication with Your Child.


Hidden Disabilities – what we can do with what we cannot see

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