Educational & Coaching Services

Educational and Coaching Services utilize the most current relevant research on strategies in education and behavioral science to aid families and individuals.

Services include:

ADHD Coaching using the Challenging Horizons Program
Academic Language Therapy (ALT Fact Sheet)
Academic Cognitive Coaching
ADHD Educational and Behavioral Coaching
Study Skills & Test-Taking Strategies

Our services also strive to connect well established educational and psychological research with ministry programs in communities of faith, schools, and households.

Below are a list Seminars or Workshops presented by Still Wind Ministries Staff.

  • Best Teaching Strategies for working with children with special needs in church
  • Positive Parenting Practices
  • Parenting toward your child’s personal relationship with God.
  • Best Behavior Strategies for working with children with special needs in church
  • Behavior Strategies for abused and neglected children Foster Parent Training
  • Challenging Horizons Program Best psycho-educational practices for ADHD
  • Stress Management 401 for Professionals

The Challenging Horizons Program is a nationally award winning empirically based program designed to improve educational and behavioral performance of students with ADHD and other learning difficulties.