Mental Health Crisis: The number of people seeking mental health services exceeds the number of professionals, and the cost of services are prohibitive for many who need the services the most.   According to Mental Health America, South Carolina is ranked severely low at 45/51 based on the number of people with mental illness, accessibility to mental health services and barriers to accessibility     

This crisis will take a community effort to turn it around.   

Still Wind offers the community members an opportunity to make a difference by  1.Participating in mental health services and 

2. Donating to the scholarship program so their neighbors, friends, family can take care of their mental health.   

Counseling can cost an individual with good insurance between $100-$150 a month an individual with mediocre insurance can have costs between $150-$300 a month. An uninsured individual will pay between $230-$460 a month 

For a family to participate in counseling the cost is multiplied by the number of individuals participating.   

 Our scholarship program is a three way partnership between the counselorthe client, and the public donors.  We review each application twice, once internally for clinical validity, then our community led scholarship committee reviews each application for final approval.   

The average scholarship award is $25-45 per session.  

In 2017 we granted $4500  in scholarship funds  

In 2018 we granted $$10,282.12 in scholarship funds 

We offer 3 ways to support mental health 

Community Partnership 

Community Partners are citizens who understand the value of mentally healthy community and it’s impact on their lives so much that they commit to donating $100 a month to sustain the scholarship fund. It helps us to know we can count on this support. We have a goal to get 10 Community Partners! We are looking for 4 more community partners.

One time donation

To make a one time donation send check to 111 Lovett Dr. Greenville SC or click above to make a donation through PayPal.  

Bequested Donations    

If you are interested in becoming a Community Partner or bequesting a donation contact [email protected] 

To make a one time donation send check to 2435 E. North St. Suite 1108, Post Mail Box 355. Greenville SC 29615-1442or click here to make a donation through paypal. 

Still Wind Ministries, Inc., is a 501C-3 multifaceted charitable organization.