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About Still Wind Ministries

Still Wind Ministries is a non-profit organization based in Upstate, SC, which indirectly supports those in need of holistic health through grants. SWM partners with vetted professionals and community donors to provide financial support in order to continue educational and mental health services for qualifying clients. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality care, regardless of their financial situation.

Still Wind Ministries provides grants for private practice counseling

Our Services

Our primary goal at Still Wind Ministries is to partner with professionals in the fields of education and mental health to provide grant funding to clients in need. Our Network Partners are carefully vetted to ensure that the resources SWM provides goes to those who need them most. We believe that access to quality care is fundamental to holistic healing, and we are proud to support our community in this way.

Additionally, SWM believes it is important to support mental health and educational practitioners through monthly equipping and training sessions as well as quarterly retreats and face-to-face meetings. Our Integrate group consists of our Network Partners along with other community providers who desire to be intentional about integrating their Christian faith into their approach and practice. To learn more about Integrate, contact our administrator.

Our Impact

Still Wind Ministries' scholarship program allows our clients to access mental health and other holistic care services when they otherwise may not have had the funds to access quality care. Many of our clients can access private practice mental health professionals whether they are not insured, or even if they are insured or under-insured or can not otherwise make deductibles. On average the scholarship pays 15-40% of the cost of therapy. In the past 11 years, Still Wind Ministries has given away tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Our Team

Our team brings skills and knowledge from a broad background in order to serve our community. 

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