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History of Still Wind Ministries


Still Wind Ministries was started in 2011 as a non-profit in Greenville, SC by the Forthman family and Jennifer D. Massey. The original mission was to build a bridge between professional Christian counselors and the local church through services, education, and grant funding to improve the accuracy and quality of guidance that the church provided to members on subjects of mental, emotional and relational health.


In 2015, due to health reasons, the Forthmans withdrew their participation, leaving a gap in leadership and partnership development. 


 In 2019, SWM expanded its services to include counselors in other parts of the community and educational professionals.


In 2020, the pandemic changed the nature of business. This prompted SWM to sell its building and focus on developing a wider network partnership program. 


Over the past three years, there has been substantial changes in leadership, organizational branding, and operational procedures. However, even with all of the changes, SWM has continued to provide grant funds to clients thanks to community partnerships and donations.

Click to see our end of year 2023 video update! 

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