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Bridging the Gaps in Mental Health Care

Several years ago there was a large gap in the Counseling Community. Few licensed counselors offered faith-based services and few faith-based counselors were licensed. Second, Communities of Faith were not interacting regularly with the professional counseling community, so people were getting conflicting advice from their pastors and their counselors, especially in response to abusive relationships. Third, access to counseling at the private practice level was limited to people with discretionary income. Still Wind Ministries was established to fill these gaps between the community and faith integrated, high-quality mental health services.

Mental Health is not limited to mental illness. Corey Keyes explains well that everyone is on the mental health continuum either actively working to maintain their health or gradually declining.  (A Positive Approach to Healthcare Dr. Corey Keyes TedX Atlanta)

According to Mental Health America’s 2018 Nationwide Survey, we are in a mental health crisis and Mental Health is everyone’s problem.

Still Wind Ministries’ primary purpose is to provide the public and faith-based organizations an opportunity to be a vital part of Community Mental Health.